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Clara, The curious cat sculptureClara, The curious cat sculptureWith her large eyes and furry tail, this friendly feline is looking to become part of your family.
Egyptian cat bastet sculpture/statueEgyptian cat bastet sculpture/statueEgyptian cat bastet sculpture. Goddess of love, sex, and fertility, she’s undeniably Best of Show!
Kitty Kat Kurl Sculpture/StatueKitty Kat Kurl Sculpture/StatueAn almost reverential sculpture of a beloved and true friend, this cat statue embodies the peaceful rest and favorite pastime of faithful felines.
Nesting Kitty Cats Hand-Painted Wooden Doll Display SetNesting Kitty Cats Hand-Painted Wooden Doll Display SetFour irresistable kitty cats with a tiny little mouse inside in a clever nesting display set perfect for your home or office
Paw Dangling Sleeping Cat Sitter SculpturePaw Dangling Sleeping Cat Sitter SculptureHappily dreaming of tasty treats, this cartoon kitty slumbers away atop your shelf with...
Plaster Cat Laying Sculpture/StatuePlaster Cat Laying Sculpture/StatueGorgeous long haired persian plaster kitty cat laying sculpture/statue II
Plaster Cat Sitting Sculpture/StatuePlaster Cat Sitting Sculpture/StatueGorgeous long haired plaster kitty cat sculpture/statue
Sleeping Kitty SculptureSleeping Kitty SculptureCuddly and cute! This lovely kitty sleeps the night away... or day perhaps!

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