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Jungle Bud Vases -3Pc (SKU: LE173)Jungle Bud Vases -3Pc (SKU: LE173)With these thrilling safari patchwork vases, you’re planting your bud in the wild – wildlife, that is!
Leopard Print Mosaic Round Glass Vase (SKU: LE146)Leopard Print Mosaic Round Glass Vase (SKU: LE146)Add stunning radiance to any room with this rare and wild leopard print art decor-style vase
Nested Safari Tin Pots 3Pc (SKU: LE171)Nested Safari Tin Pots 3Pc (SKU: LE171)Fine decoupage scenes from a safari bordered by the elegant leopard print...
Patchwork Safari Single Vase (SKU: LE175)Patchwork Safari Single Vase (SKU: LE175)Lion, leopard and other animal print safari patchwork single vase

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