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African Animal Wall Plaque (SKU: LE169)African Animal Wall Plaque (SKU: LE169)Exotic African animal wall plaque with traditionally carved leopard, giraffe, elephant and zebra masks.
Bobblehead Wildcats (SKU: LI172)Bobblehead Wildcats (SKU: LI172)Enjoy one of our brand new & exclusive bobblehead wildcats, choose from Lion print, Tiger print, Leopard/Jaguar print, Black Panther print or get the entire set!
Hand-Painted Wooden Wildcats Figurines Animal Set (SKU: LI171)Hand-Painted Wooden Wildcats Figurines Animal Set (SKU: LI171)Six wildcats painted wooden animal set featuring lion, tiger, leopard, panther, snow leopard 
and jaguar. 
Jaguar/Leopard Head 3D Square Pillow (SKU: JA122)Jaguar/Leopard Head 3D Square Pillow (SKU: JA122)

Have it all with this cool Jaguar/Leopard head 3D square pillow that is so purr-fect, uniquely shaped, wild, and soft.

Jungle Bud Vases -3Pc (SKU: LE173)Jungle Bud Vases -3Pc (SKU: LE173)With these thrilling safari patchwork vases, you’re planting your bud in the wild – wildlife, that is!
Leopard Print Mosaic Round Glass Vase (SKU: LE146)Leopard Print Mosaic Round Glass Vase (SKU: LE146)Add stunning radiance to any room with this rare and wild leopard print art decor-style vase
Leopard Print Pet Ceramic Canister & Bowl (SKU: LE229)Leopard Print Pet Ceramic Canister & Bowl (SKU: LE229)Playful embossed design is weighty, fully glazed, dishwasher-safe
Leopard Print Tealight Lamp (SKU: LE115)Leopard Print Tealight Lamp (SKU: LE115)Cast an intriguing net of light and shadow when you add a candle's flame to this enchanting glass-shaded lamp! Leopard-print design...
Leopard Skin Print Lily Candle Tree (SKU: LE256)Leopard Skin Print Lily Candle Tree (SKU: LE256)Tall bouquet of trumpet blossoms in their full spotted leopard skin print glory surrounded by copper leaves,
stems and leopard skin print baby buds on a whimsical tabletop candelabra.  
Majestic Black Panther Statuette (SKU: BP133)Majestic Black Panther Statuette (SKU: BP133)Clad in the black of deepest night, this show-stopping sculpture/figurine captures the fluid beauty of the mighty black panther/jaguar cat in flight.
Nested Safari Tin Pots 3Pc (SKU: LE171)Nested Safari Tin Pots 3Pc (SKU: LE171)Fine decoupage scenes from a safari bordered by the elegant leopard print...
Patchwork Safari Single Vase (SKU: LE175)Patchwork Safari Single Vase (SKU: LE175)Lion, leopard and other animal print safari patchwork single vase
Safari Animal Coat Hanger (SKU: LE170)Safari Animal Coat Hanger (SKU: LE170)Leopard, giraffe and zebra make creative hooks for hanging coats and hats.
Safari Leopard Print Cushion Pet Bed (SKU: LE106)Safari Leopard Print Cushion Pet Bed (SKU: LE106)Your pet will be “king of the jungle” when reclining in this royally appointed bed!
Safari Lites Candles (SKU: TI241)Safari Lites Candles (SKU: TI241)Six mini tealights sport a playful assortment of animal prints, especially tiger & leopard prints. Adding a dash of jungle fun to any decorating scheme!
Safari Mushroom Candle (SKU: LI160)Safari Mushroom Candle (SKU: LI160)Lion/White Tiger/Leopard and Girafe print mushroom (2) piece candle set
Safari Pillar Candleholder (SKU: LE174)Safari Pillar Candleholder (SKU: LE174)Fine porcelain candleholder is a dazzling display of animal-safari patchwork.
Safari Shade Buffet Lamp-Leopard (SKU: LE148)Safari Shade Buffet Lamp-Leopard (SKU: LE148)Lush fringes and leopard print” decorate a delightfully different lamp.
Serengeti Leopard 3D Wall Art Decor (SKU: LE147)Serengeti Leopard 3D Wall Art Decor (SKU: LE147)Like looking out a window onto a scene from an arid afternoon on the Serengeti, this Leopard three-dimensional (3D), quality designer resin, high-relief wall frieze is amazingly lifelike!
Wildcats Print Accent Pillow (SKU: TI236)Wildcats Print Accent Pillow (SKU: TI236)Jungle safari's deepest form with white tiger & leopard designs in these neat wildcats print accent pillows.
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